The Farm

From the Adriatic coast you can reach Fara Filiorum Petri along the Val di Foro, passing through an agricultural landscape which represents in its variety a catalogue of all the most important agricultural productions of Abruzzo. The village has preserved in the layout its Lombard matrix: ‘Fara’ in Lombard means encampment, village of the children of Pietro.

Nico Ciavalini, who had the idea, recently graduated in geometry and discharged from his military service, took over a farming enterprise of over 12 hectares situated next to the Tratturo Centurelle-Montesecco Track with some inhabited farm buildings, others derelict. And so over 16 years ago with his family he began, day by day, to build his dream.(photo) Help from his family was fundamental, his over eighty year old grandfather with his material know-how, his parents still young and full of energy and his brother getting his degree in agriculture. The rebuilding of the ‘Antico Tratturo’ was carried out using material from the demolition of old farmhouses. There is not one single new stone and, even in the use of tools, preference was given to the use of chisels and handsaws only rather than grinders or electric saws. Another claim to pride for our friend Ciavalini is that his premises are one of the few in Abruzzo, perhaps even in Italy, to hold fast to the principles of bio-architecture: stone, old brick, iron, wood, lime; these being the building elements. (Source: D'Abruzzo N.60)

The "L'Antico Tratturo" farm covers 18 hectares of land biologically cultivated with cereals and vineyards with also stables, a restaurant suitable for ceremonies, a botanical garden with a path and…total relaxation amidst nature.